Particularly nice effects can be achieved by using timelapse shots.
Classical timelapse footage consists of series of photos taken at determined intervals. Subsequently these photos are combined into a film at 25 frames a second. The result is a different timeline – time flies by, days become seconds and weeks become minutes.
We like to use timelapse shots during the preparations for the wedding settings and for transitions from one day to another. In the following video you can watch some of our timelapse footage.
An additional effect we are fond of using is the so-called ‘lego effect’ where the world looks like a toy world. To enhance this effect, the speed of the film is increased as well. We use special cameras and lenses to offer the ‘lego effect’ to our customers.
If you want to have timelapse or lego-effect-shots in your wedding film, please consider that additional shooting time is required for those effects.
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